The Alias Exige V6


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The Alias23 V6 Exige

I bought this Exige in March as my divorce celebration. Celebration undertaken I need to buy property for the new partner 😁
So what did I buy; the most amazing fantastic Exige V6 the well known and much loved Alias23 Exige which was the platform for a range of after market Lotus modifications.
The specification is huge and extensive. Rather than me try to explain it as well the previous owner I have copied and pasted the advert that I fell in love with in February 2021. All the credit for this amazing unique Exige goes to Mr Imran Choudhary of Alias23.
So here it is.
The advert from Imran February 2021.
First off…If you’re looking for a standard car then this is not it, what I’ve developed over the last seven years of ownership is what I believe is the ultimate track and road Exige V6S.
The whole life and build of this car has been thoroughly documented over twenty nine pages (Check the Alias23 Build Thread on TheLotusForum) the car has wanted for nothing, with over £36,000 of upgrades (exc. Install costs) all detailed below, with a service frequency and breadth which is arguably unnecessary but keeps my OCD at bay and ensures the car is super healthy and strong. The car has been meticulously cared for throughout its life by Dan Webster at HPE Auto and a service listing is available on request.
I’ve not been one for big power numbers, preferring superior handling, weight reduction, and driver tuition, so the car has no engine or exhaust modifications other than the Alias23 intake which adds improved throttle response and addictive induction howl.
Big highlights of the build include, mechanical LSD which transforms the car both on road and track, genuine OEM 350 shifter upgrade, and the AiM digital dash.
Lotus 400 Upgraded Clutch & Mechanical LSD (£4,500 inc install)
V6 Uprights Spherical Bearing Upgrade (£795)
Spitfire Rear Toe Link Kit (£354)
Komotec KoBra 4 Brake Kit with performance friction discs and pads (£3,330)
Lotus Motorsport Forged Alloys with Yokohama Tyres (£2,700)
Innovative Upgraded Engine Mounts (£500)
**Performance & Other Enhancements**
OEM Lotus 350 Shifter Upgrade (£2,500)
Simply Sports Car Upgraded Shifter Cable Set (£450)
Alias23 Air Intake Kit (£399)
Alias23 Silicone Hose Kit (£120)
Hangar111 Gearbox Oil Cooler (£898)
ProAlloy 60l Fuel Tank (£879)
ProAlloy Ali Uprated Radiator (£718)
**Interior **
AIM MX2E Digital Dash & Laptimer (£1,470)
Alcantara Dash Re-Trim (£1,200)
Seriously Lotus Harness V-Bar (£200)
Schroth 6-Point Harness (£387)
Full Carpet Set (£350)
Carbon Fibre Internal Side Sills (£500)
Carbon Fibre Air Bag Cover (£199)
Inokinetic Heel & Toe Pedal Set (£100)
B+G Quick Release Hub (£143)
Momo Tuner Steering Wheel re-trimmed in Alcantara (£200)
OEM 430 Cup Rear Wing Brackets with custom Carbon Fibre Komotec Wing (£2,800)
Reverie Carbon Fibre Rear Diffuser (£1,930)
GFWilliams Carbon Fibre Mirrors (£850)
Alias23 Carbon Fibre 430 Cup Side Scoops (£1,000)
Lotus Motorsport CupR Track Front Splitter (£450)
Alias23 Front Splitter Reinforcement Plate (£110)
Alias23 Extended Side Sills (£290)
Lotus Motorsport CupR Canards (£180)
Rear Side Spats (£200)
GRP V2 Rear Lights (£450)
I have had miles of smiles and ready to pass on to a new keeper 😀

August 15, 2021 10:58 am

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